Happy New Year and Welcome to 2016

Firstly, we would like to say Happy New Year from the team at Approved Car Loans. We know we definitely ate too much during the silly season. We also know all too well that New Year’s resolutions about weight loss rarely work. So rather than setting a completely unachievable goal such as getting up early an exercising, we’ve decided to embark on a mission to build a time machine instead. Our plan is to go back in time to just before Christmas and attempt to stop ourselves from eating copious amounts of ham and pudding, so hopefully we don’t all end up looking like puddings or having to resort to making unachievable New Year’s resolutions.

Bragging Rights

Meanwhile, we’ve been told by management that we have to brag for a minute or so about how productive and hugely successful 2015 was, with the Credit One Group receiving the prestigious title of Swann Insurance’s ‘2015 Broker of the Year’ award. As part of the Credit One Group, Approved Car Loan’s dedication to raising the bar and providing an unprecedented level of customer service played a major role in obtaining this significant award. Realistically – who else do you know that would go to the trouble of building a time machine?

What’s On the Agenda for 2016?

We will keep you in the loop over the next few months as to how we’re going with our time machine. However, on a more feasible note, 2016 is shaping up to be a huge year, with our company’s other New Year’s resolution (in between time travel research) focussing on increasing our dealer network to provide our clients with access to hundreds of quality new and used vehicles for exceptional value. We’ve all been through the headache of trying to find the perfect car at one time or another. The colour might be wrong or the features might not be exactly right. You may actually find the perfect car for you, but it’s on the other side of the country. Damn. What a waste of time and effort.

Looking to purchase a new or used vehicle this year? We can help!

You’ll be happy to hear, our complimentary ‘Car Buying Service’ has really taken off over the past year. Our Business Development Managers are now able to source specific vehicles for our valued clients as a complimentary service directly from accredited dealers. They’re actually getting quite good at it and can even find your ideal vehicle right down to the colour and specifications, thereby saving you a significant amount of time, money and stress.

If you are looking for a new or used vehicle, whether you’re an individual looking for the perfect vehicle to suit you or a business looking for a specific use vehicle, Approved Car Loans can help. Our Car Buying Service can source both new and used vehicles from our dealer network consisting of hundreds of reputable car dealers throughout Australia. Once our time machine is fully functional, we intend to utilise it to help us extend our Car Buying Service, at which time we will hopefully be able to offer clients the perfect vehicle they don’t even know that they’re planning to search for yet before they even think to search for it. Watch this space.

Approved Car Loans – your ‘One Stop Finance Shop’

Approved Car Loans is proud to offer a ‘One Stop Finance Shop’ service and not only compare lenders on your behalf to get you bank beating finance rates, but we can also offer the following services:

  • Extended Vehicle Warranties
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Vehicle Buying Service (we can find the perfect vehicle for you)
  • Gap Insurance (Shortfall Insurance)
  • Loan Protection Insurance
  • Obligation-free quotes and coffee
  • Note: Some of these services may change with the introduction of our time machine

Looking for Car Finance or Have Previous Time Machine Building Experience? Apply within

So if your New Year resolution was to purchase a new or used vehicle (or to help build a time machine), speak to the team at Approved Car Loans on 07 3340 6700, they really are quite friendly.

To arrange quick and easy finance, Approved Car Loans offers obligation-free, instant online quotes, 60 Second Online Applications, same-day approvals and bank beating finance rates.

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